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Within us all is an innate wisdom that is considered the greatest healer of them all. This innate wisdom of the “body” (body-mind entity) is what allows us to maintain homeostasis or balance. Often it is our ability to cooperate with this intelligence that determines our state of wellness.

A simple example: you cut your finger, and provided your health and immune system are intact, you might simply need to keep the area clean for the body to heal itself effectively.

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Our body is quite miraculous in its ability to stay healthy and balanced considering the stressors it must face. Scott Moss Chiropractic can identify and treat you for the effect those stressors have.

Physical stress from traumas like injuries, micro traumas like poor posture, sedentary lifestyles, and repetitive use syndromes;


Chemical stress from poor eating (junk food, wrong types of food, overeating, eating too fast); inferior quality foods (due to depleted soils); toxins in our environment which affect our food, water, and air; rampant use of antibiotics, steroids, and other drugs and chemicals that are either intentionally or unintentionally consumed by us or by livestock that we consume; as well as waste products from the metabolic processes of elimination;


Emotional, psychological and spiritual stress and traumas as both children and adults;


Electromagnetic stress from the world of electrical devices, computers, power lines, and other such radio frequencies.

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