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Over time as stressors accumulate, our body adapts often through less efficient means to maintain some semblance of health. When we can no longer adapt, and this differs according to genetics and basic psychological make-up (from our upbringing), it leads to signs, symptoms, and disease. In healing the body naturally, our aim is to:

Chiropractic Kinesiology utilizes muscle testing as a tool in identifying which area or system is being stressed for an individual.


Muscle weakness is a major indicator of problems somewhere in the body. When muscles are not functioning properly, they give wrong signals to other parts of the body. This breakdown in communication can lead to bodily discomforts and ultimately disease.

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Often when and how symptoms manifest offers a key clue in beginning one's investigation. Thus, for an acute low back problem from a trauma, Dr. Moss might begin by testing the muscles of the low back, whereas in chronic health conditions, particularly when one is unaware of the initiation factory like from a trauma, one must frequently test muscles relating to less obvious areas and bodily systems that may be involved. This might often relate to secondary complaints that a person might have.

Integrated Chiropractic Systems is a unique system of kinesiology which utilizes the most advanced, specific, and sophisticated system of muscle testing to measure body functioning. Each muscle has been found to have reflexes to the following areas: spine, extremities, cranium, teeth, lymphatic, vascular, acupuncture points, organs, nutrients, and emotional or homeopathic remedies.


Many times treatment requires correcting a combination of the above. Integrated Chiropractic Systems attempts to prioritize the areas of weakness in the body so that when a therapeutic correction is made, it is more specific and thus more effective.


Bio Cranial Therapy is a cranio-sacral system which improves the function of the spine, nervous system, and whole body by correcting distortions in the cranium as the primary imbalance affecting our health and the basic cause of a wide range of disorders and illnesses.


Energy and Mind/Body Healing – Utilizing ancient healing systems of touch, visualizations, hypnosis, and relaxation to bring a state of deep peacefulness and often an experience of inner well-being. Many people have found that their physical and emotional maladies have been aided by these techniques and there are scientific studies on the benefits of stress reduction to health.


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